Cal-Ore's CommandWorx is putting the power of your Wi-Fi experience in the palm of your hands.

CommandWorx integrated with a Cal-Ore provided router, delivers everything you need to control your entire business Wi-Fi experience. The simple, intuitive design of the app puts the information you need at your fingertips to set-up your business network for performance and security for all of your devices, employees, and customers.

CommandWorx provides easy navigation, enabling you to:

  • Quickly create, manage, and share Primary, Staff, and Point of Sale Wi-Fi networks
  • Create a business-branded customer Wi-Fi portal with email capture for marketing
  • Connect a personal hotspot to your router so your business can always stay online
  • Add new devices to the network quickly and easily using WPS
  • Set Internet content restrictions to keep your business protected from inappropriate and malicious websites
  • Run bandwidth tests to monitor network performance

CommandWorx is available to subscribers of Cal-Ore broadband services utilizing a Cal-Ore provided router and mesh units.