Taking your business to the Next-Level with Next-Gen Fixed Wireless

Cal-Ore’s Next-Gen Fixed Wireless can help to revolutionize how your business utilizes the internet to find greater success. Next-Gen Fixed Wireless can help make your business more efficient by allowing your employees to easily access online applications and tools.  Never have to worry if you have enough bandwidth to operate your business ever again.


Cal-Ore’s Next-Gen Fixed Wireless is a new kind of connectivity.  Next-Gen Fixed Wireless Service will allow you to browse and stream without any restrictions.

Business Next-Gen Fixed Wireless Internet


A $6.95 equipment fee will be added to the above price.

How Next-Gen Fixed Wireless Works

Cal-Ore’s Next-Gen Fixed Wireless will offer optimal service from a clear line of site from our tower to your home, however unlike traditional Fixed Wireless, Next-Gen Fixed Wireless will still operate with some obstructions. This improved technology will take connectivity to the next level, as it’s designed to increase speed, reduce latency, and improve flexibility of wireless services.


Make it your own

Upgrade your Business Internet plan with our Smart Business Services.  Give your business the technological advantage by implementing putting the management of your network in the palm of your hands.

Smart Business Services

Upgrade today for the best-in-class Smart Business Services.

IQ Suites

With IQ Suites, you will have access to advanced network security, content restriction and management tools to fully manage your internet connection.

Unlimited Data

No matter how Cal-Ore delivers your internet service, all our plans come with unlimited data.

  • Uninterrupted service & actual speeds are not guaranteed.
  • Prices exclude applicable Federal, State and Local fees  and surcharges.