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Working Overtime to Cover Klamath Falls

A History Rooted in Klamath Midland Empire Insurance has been a fixture in the Klamath Falls community for more than 75 years. Clem and Sylvia Lesueur acquired the agency in 1958, and it still remains in the family. Today, their son Lance and his wife Bernice co-own the agency, providing five types of insurance to…

To Connect and Serve

Eyes on Yreka Yreka Police Chief Brian Bowles’ job includes many responsibilities that keep him stuck in the office most of the day: paperwork, phone calls, meetings and planning for an upcoming move to replace the historic-but-cramped Yreka police station. But don’t think that the chief isn’t keeping a close watch on Yreka. “As you…

The Internet of Things – Promoting Communities

Promoting Communities Randy Shaw, owner of Coldwell Banker Holman Premier Realty, says a real estate company’s inherent objective is to promote its community. That’s not difficult to do when you work in a place as great as Klamath Falls. Randy and his team of local real estate professionals have sold diverse properties in the Klamath…

Purifying the World’s Water from the Shadow of Mount Shasta

In the idyllic Shasta Valley, on the other side of Butcher Hill from Yreka, California, a nondescript warehouse building houses one of the most advanced water filtration companies in the world: Ozotech. “We like it here in Yreka,” Ozotech President Steve Christiansen says with a wink. “We can keep our technology safe because nobody can…

Live Streaming From the Heart of the Community

Karuk Tribe – Better Connected Than Ever Before

Connecting a Community

Connected Health Care for the Klamath Basin