Take control of your online experience with Cal-Ore’s ExperienceIQ

Cal-Ore’s ExperienceIQ allows you to take control of your online experience by allowing you to easily create and enforce online rules for the users and devices on your home network. 

With ExperienceIQ, you can block access to websites that host inappropriate content. This helps parents protect their children from inappropriate content. ExperienceIQ also includes a comprehensive list of applications that can be either blocked or allowed for each profile. You can also search for a specific one and either allow or block it.

For parents wanting to limit the amount of time their children spend online, ExperienceIQ allows you to schedule times during which internet access will be blocked. Parents can also build profiles for each user and determine the days of the week and times of day when the internet will be available for use.

With ExperienceIQ, you can prioritize activities, applications, and devices by ordering them from top to bottom. This allows you to pick which activities are the most important. Once set, your priorities will do all the work to prioritize traffic.

ExperienceIQ provides valuable feedback, such as the amount of time being spent on various applications. It analyzes usage data to determine how much time is being spent online, broken down to daily, weekly, and monthly periods.