Malware & spam protection

Cal-Ore's ProtectIQ is helping to protect your home network against cybercrime

ProtectIQ is a network-level security application that proactively helps to keep malicious websites, viruses, intrusions, and unauthorized/unknown devices away from your home network 24×7.

ProtectIQ assists in protecting connected devices from cyberattacks and malware, including viruses and ransomware, by neutralizing these threats and preventing them from ever reaching the connected devices in your home network. ProtectIQ also leverages a large cloud database of known virus and ransomware threats, then monitors the devices connected to the network and blocks any attempts to visit websites known to be malicious. As a final measure, any unauthorized devices attempting to access your home network will be blocked by ProtectIQ, thus preventing unauthorized/unknown devices from accessing other devices on your home network. 

Each time a threat is detected, it is neutralized, and provides a timely notification about the threat via the CommandIQ App.