The Internet of Things – Promoting Communities

Promoting Communities

Randy Shaw, owner of Coldwell Banker Holman Premier Realty, says a real estate company’s inherent objective is to promote its community. That’s not difficult to do when you work in a place as great as Klamath Falls.

Randy and his team of local real estate professionals have sold diverse properties in the Klamath Falls region since 1982, winning multiple awards and garnering serious recognition along the way. The company was founded on the principal of putting the customer’s best interest above all, and that’s still true today.

“We understand how important our job is when handling someone’s assets,” Randy says. “We’re always looking out for our customers and we do everything we can to handle their needs with care.”

The Golden Rule

Whether it’s volunteering time on organizational boards and committees, or researching local property laws, the team at Coldwell Banker Holman Premier Realty are doing their best to contribute to their community and protect people’s ability to own a home. “We try to create an atmosphere within the company where following the ‘golden rule’ is a main priority,” Randy says.

Randy’s customer service has significantly changed since Coldwell Banker Holman Premier Realty helped its first customer in 1972 and opened as a Coldwell Banker office in 1984. The paradigm shift is due to new technology. “When I first started, records and listings were kept in huge, heavy books,” Randy remembers. “Keeping track of every listing and balancing customer needs were huge, time-consuming tasks!”

A Changing Industry

Computers and the Internet changed the face of the industry. “Now, all inventory is at the tip of our fingers,” Randy says. “It’s accelerated our ability to do more volume and serve more customers.” Today, everything from signatures and forms, to transactions and client communication are organized electronically.

“We’ve been able to increase our marketing efforts,” Randy notes. “We’re now able to reach more customers by listing our properties online and offering virtual tours.”

At Cal-Ore, we’re proud to provide broadband Internet services that Randy and his team rely on. From Cloud Voice to Fiber Internet, our services provide Coldwell Banker Holman Premier Realty the bandwidth to stay connected. “Previously, we were working with people who were out of town and couldn’t help when we needed it,” Randy says. “But now, we can pick the phone up and call someone. We don’t get put on hold, and we get to talk to a real person.”