Purifying the World’s Water from the Shadow of Mount Shasta

In the idyllic Shasta Valley, on the other side of Butcher Hill from Yreka, California, a nondescript warehouse building houses one of the most advanced water filtration companies in the world: Ozotech. “We like it here in Yreka,” Ozotech President Steve Christiansen says with a wink. “We can keep our technology safe because nobody can …

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Live Streaming From the Heart of the Community

Country For The Community   No matter what kind of music you love, you’ve probably listened to KLAD-FM 92.5, “Oregon’s country giant.” They’ll tell you they’re more than just a country station, and they’re right. “People who don’t listen to country music listen to KLAD just to find out what’s going on in the community,” says Rob Siems, host of …

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To Connect and Serve

Eyes on Yreka Yreka Police Chief Brian Bowles’ job includes many responsibilities that keep him stuck in the office most of the day: paperwork, phone calls, meetings and planning for an upcoming move to replace the historic-but-cramped Yreka police station. But don’t think that the chief isn’t keeping a close watch on Yreka. “As you …

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Connecting a Community

A Reboot for City Hall The City of Yreka provides many of the essential services residents need, like water and sewer, and they rely on cloud-based software. But before City of Yreka switched to Cal-Ore Fiber, city staffers could hardly depend on their internet signal. “We used to have wireless antennas on a tank up on …

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All in the Family: How a Bulk Fuel Company Has Grown its Business

Fueling Communications If you drive a vehicle, run a business or operate machinery in Southern Oregon or Northern California, chances are you’ve run across Ed Staub & Sons and Ed’s Trucking. The company started more than 50 years ago when Ed Staub bought a Chevron bulk plant in Alturas, California. Over the years, through hard work and old-fashioned …

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