Smart Network Services for Your Business


For a business network to really work, it needs to have seamless connectivity across the network.  Which is why you deserve a managed network service that enables you to focus on your business instead of Wi-Fi connectivity. With Cal-Ore’s BusinessZone you can take connectivity to the next level.  Not only providing the seamless connectivity that your business requires, but make those same benefits available to your employees and customers. These services are then enhanced with state-of-the-art network controls and security to assist in protecting you against cyberattacks and viruses. All managed at the push of a button the Cal-Ore’s CommandWorx App.




Cal-Ore’s BusinessZone gives business customers access to the following:



  1. FOUR (4) – Dedicated Managed Wi-Fi Networks. One for your business, one for your staff, one for your customers, and one for your point-of-sale.

  1. Added Network Security to assist in protecting your critical business infrastructure, your staff, and customers from cyberattacks and viruses.

  1. Restrict content to keep your employees productive and focused on task with tailored content restrictions.

  1. Customer Wi-Fi Portal to allow your customers to easily access internet while they enjoy their time in your business, but still gives the business the ability to restrict times of use.

  1. Enhanced network resilience to ensure critical business systems are always operational.  This gives you the ability to connect our router with a cellular hotspot for uninterrupted service.

  1. Access to an enhanced Network Management Application called CommandWorx.  Allowing you to easily manage your Wi-Fi Networks from your smartphone.